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Top Factors To Consider When Designing Your Custom Pool

A custom inground swimming pool is one of the best ways to give your home a makeover that you’ll fall in love with. The right pool can help elevate your home values, give you a chance to relax in privacy, and even improve the chance to spend time with your family while beating the heat.

But there is more to designing an inground swimming pool than just figuring out how deep you would like it. We’ve found numerous clients who don’t fully understand just what they need to consider when designing their pool. As such, it’s worth taking a few minutes to review some of the different elements that you need to think about when creating yours.

  • Shape – From ovals to rectangles to custom shapes that show off your artistic side, today’s custom pools can take on a lot of different shapes.
  • Features – Features worth thinking about include things like waterfalls, custom rock work, and even slides or diving boards. They’ll all add a new feel to your pool.
  • Lighting – Believe it or not, custom lighting is one of the best ways to personalize your pool and take it to new places. The right lighting will change the ambiance and overall feel of your pool in a huge way.
  • Landscaping – Your pool is just the centerpiece of the backyard. In order to really be all it should be, you’ll want to give it the right landscaping elements to help tie everything together. From a deck to the right plants and landscaping, pay attention to your entire backyard for the best results.
  • Filtration – Most people overlook this, but the fact is that there are numerous filtration options and chemical balancing systems out there today. Chlorine is still the most common option, but you have choices that are worth looking into when designing your pool.

Of course, understanding all of these different pool design choices can be complicated. That’s why talking to our pool design professionals is so important – it can help you get the pool that you deserve.

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