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Pool Fun For The Whole Family

This summer, entertain the whole family with a new pool. It may seem like a big investment in the beginning, but everyone in your family can get some fun out of it this summer.


If you are worried about what your kids are going to do all day during summer vacation, a waterslide is your answer. In fact, you may never see them at all because they will be too busy cruising down the new slide into your pool. They’ll want to have friends over, which will keep them even busier, and they will be begging you for more outside time. Sounds like a winner all around, doesn’t it?

Baja Bench

For those family members who may not want to get completely wet, add a baja bench or tanning ledge to your pool. Friends and guests can sit and relax while still joining in the conversation. Parents will be able to watch their kids with ease while not getting completely in the action. A baja bench is also a great place for little ones to hang out if the pool is too deep. Just be careful that they don’t walk off the edge into the main part of the pool.

Water Feature

Everyone will love sitting outside and listening to the sound of falling water from your new water feature. Bubblers in the pool, a waterfall, or a descent can all add a relaxing tone to the air, encouraging your whole family to sit back and relax. Put chairs next to the waterfall for maximum relaxation spots and encourage everyone to take some quiet time this summer.

Fire Feature

Add a fire feature to your outdoor space and get even more enjoyment out of your yard. Fire features can stand on their own, or be added to the side of a pool. Invite everyone over for s’mores and a swim, or just hang out by the fireplace on cool evenings. It has something for everyone and can add a touch of drama to your outdoor entertaining space.

Plan out your outdoor space now so that you will be ready for summer entertaining. We can help you add something for everyone in your family to enjoy. Give us a call today to start planning your summer escape.

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