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Plant of the Week-Plumbago

Electrifying Blue Plumbago

Electrifying Blue Plumbago

Blue Plumbago

“What is that plant with the electrifying blue blooms?” is a question I get every fall.  Plumbago’s unique flowers get a particularly vibrant shade of blue in the fall.  This lush tropical shrub has a vigorous growth habit that grows in the garden quickly and has a mind of its own that rambles and fills the space given.  I’ve even seen plumbago grown as a vine creating a gorgeous green fence.  This acceptance rewards us with a lush green garden and prolific blooms.  It is not picky on sun and water, needing a moderate amount of both.  The blue combines well with purples and yellows.  When protected from freeze (and given an extra boost of iron) the first year or two, the established plant needs pruning only in the early spring.  Then stand back and enjoy the show mother nature puts on all spring, summer, and fall.

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