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In Ground Swimming Pools Houston

In Ground Swimming Pools Houston

Texas is a state that belongs to two regions, the West and the South, and it’s certainly big enough to be both. While the central and western parts of the state are scrubland, desert, and dry plains that share much in common with other Western states, the eastern edge, Houston’s edge, has the same humid, subtropical climate as the rest of the Gulf Coast.

Because of the humid climate and the large population, Houston has the odd distinction of being the most air-conditioned city in the United States. The warm weather also makes it a great place to own a backyard pool, since swimming is another good way to beat the heat. The mild winters mean that the in ground swimming pools of Houston can stay open all year round, at least so long as they have a good pool heater and an insulated cover.

What A New Pool Can Do

If you’re not sure whether or not your house should join the ranks of homes with in ground swimming pools in Houston, you should take some time to learn about all the benefits that come with having one. While it’s true that a pool doesn’t offer a full return on investment in terms of real estate prices, pools come with plenty of practical uses that can be worth the money.

For instance, swimming alone is a good low-impact cardiovascular exercise which everyone, including those with limited mobility, can enjoy. A pool is also a great place to hang out with friends, neighbors, and coworkers, especially if you add an outdoor kitchen and a covered patio. An in-ground pool can also be a great way to relax and cool off without leaning on the air conditioner all the time, plus it’s good to go outside every so often and enjoy the weather when it’s not raining (but do remember the sunscreen!).

What A New Backyard Can Do

The in ground swimming pools of Houston don’t just offer relief from the sweltering summer humidity, they’re also part of a larger backyard improvement design. Pool contractors can handle everything from patios and gardens to spas and outdoor kitchens. The heavy machinery needed to dig out a pool will tear up the old backyard anyway, after all, and so many people take the opportunity to add much more than a pool.

Our company is called Living Exteriors because that’s what we do: we breathe life into the backyards of homes which may be old, run down, or simply unoriginal. Grass and a few trees is a nice setup and easy to maintain, but it’s hardly the most beautiful backyard design out there and it doesn’t put the space to much use.

The expert workers at Living Exteriors have built many of the in ground swimming pools in Houston and the surrounding metro area, but that’s not all we do. Our designers can help you plan out the perfect backyard, with things like a brick oven and an outdoor kitchen, the heart of a new party home base.

Alternately, you could add a spa for personal relaxation and quiet moments with just a friend or two. You can also improve your relaxation by adding a small garden along one side of the pool, giving it a more natural, pond-lie appearance. You could even install fiber-optic and LED lights to give your pool an otherworldly look or turn it into a flashing light show.

What We Can Do

Standardized pools often come with standardized homes, but at Living Exterior we can provide custom jobs that allow your backyard to truly reflect your personality, your needs, and your wants. You’re making a permanent change to your property, after all, and so it should be a change you won’t come to regret later.

To that end, we can also install all the latest in pool automation technology. Too many people get a pool only to discover later how much maintenance is involved, and before long they give up on trying. Fortunately, modern systems can monitor the chemical balance for you and adjust it automatically, and robotic pool cleaners can keep the dirt and leaves out.

So if you’d like to join the owners of in ground swimming pools in Houston, Texas, call or contact Living Exteriors today. We’ll set you up with a free initial consultation right away , and you can get started on creating a completely new backyard.

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