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Custom Landscape Design

Good design is the solid foundation upon which every Living Exteriors project rests. We take pride in creating designs that incorporate tried and true composition principles while truly capturing the essence of a client’s style and the personality of the home. The result is an outdoor environment that just feels right and looks beautiful from installation through maturity. Browse our landscaping design gallery to see a small sampling of the projects created by Living Exteriors, and see how we turn your vision into a reality.

Landscape Installation

From arrival to departure, you can expect our crews to treat your property with respect. Our goal is to minimize the mess and disruption of the construction process while creating the beautiful outdoor living spaces that you deserve. Using the best of industry installation practices, the Living Exteriors team will install only the highest quality plants and materials, ensuring a living work of art that you and your family can enjoy. We have been in the industry 15 years and will be here to take care of any warranty or upgrades you need in the future.

Water Features

The best living areas appeal to all of the senses, and there is nothing like the sight, sound and feel of a graceful water feature to bring tranquility and a sense of completion to your space. Water is a calming element, as well as a timeless symbol of life and prosperity. Living Exteriors designers can create the perfect water feature for your outdoor space.


A well-designed landscape should be enjoyed at any time of the day or night, and landscape lighting makes it possible. Both practical and mood enhancing, a professional lighting system brings just the right note of warmth and sophistication to your home and outdoor living areas. Available in a wide array of styles, colors and designs, today’s landscape lighting is both highly durable and energy efficient, and makes your home come alive. You will have to see the difference to believe it!

Irrigation and Drainage

Building upon our foundation of strong design, irrigation and drainage are the structural support. For a landscape to thrive and function in our Houston-area climate, plantings must receive optimal amounts of water and soil must be adequately drained. We have the know-how to rid your property of excess water, while providing the proper amount of watering for plant and grass health.

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