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Fantastic and Fun Backyard Water Features

You stood on your deck this morning, hot cup of coffee in hand, and looked out at your backyard. You smiled as you remembered how, so many years ago, you made the decision to put in an in ground pool. It was the best looking one in the neighborhood and you were the talk of the block for a while. As you looked over the fence to your neighbor’s yard, you noticed that their pool has gotten some updates. They even added some backyard water features. Boy, does your pool now pale in comparison! Pool construction has come a long way since you first built yours; maybe it’s time you think about some renovation.


Your private pool should be inviting, relaxing, and look better than the local public one that everyone flocks to in the heat. If your pool is basic, boring concrete, you need to spruce it up a bit and turn it into something special. Ever think about a waterfall? It’s one of the hottest backyard water features out there. There’s a reason that most tropical resorts and vacation spots boast of their natural and man-made waterfalls. The sound of running water is soothing to the soul. Watching the water as it flows over the rocks is almost like a form of meditation. Combine the sights and sounds together and you’ve got one peaceful backyard experience.

Bubbles and Jets and More

Fountains are a gorgeous way to add some delightful water sounds to your pool and can be installed just about anywhere; even in the middle! That’s one way to keep up with the Jones’s. We can put a bubbler on your tanning ledge or steps that adds a playful aspect to your pool. Deck jets are a cool creation that shoot graceful streams of water across the pool; you can literally be mesmerized for hours. And if you’re looking for a bit of adventure, a water slide might be your answer. Tastefully done, this is no pool slide form the 1980’s; we blend the slide into the style of the pool, giving you aesthetically pleasing fun for all ages.

Backyard water features are fun, affordable, and can be designed in many different ways to give your pool a unique look. Your pool is your private space and it should appeal to you and your family for the fun and relaxation it offers. If your pool has seen better days, treat it to a little TLC this season.

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