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Does Your Backyard Need Shade?

During the summer, the heat can start to get to you when hanging out outdoors. One of the best ways to avoid over exposure to the sun’s rays is by making a shaded area for you and your guests. Living Exteriors has a few different shade options for you to explore that will help keep you, your family and your guests cool all summer long.


A pergola is a type of framework that is designed to cut down on the sun’s direct rays. The boards on the top of a pergola break up the sunlight, dispersing it across your guests. A pergola does not have a closed roof of any kind, and is not to be considered a shelter of any sort. But it can be a thing of beauty in your backyard and makes for a great place to entertain guests. There are no expensive parts to install for a pergola, they are relatively simple and easy.


A cabana is usually more of a small structure designed to keep your guests in the shade. The roof can be made out of fabric or thatching, and it is meant to provide shade. A cabana does have a roof of sorts, but it is not meant to withstand strong rain storms. It is more of a shade coverage than an actual structure. Cabanas look great around a pool and provide a space for your guests to duck inside out of the sun. Cabanas can be built singly, or in multiple units in order to keep the conversation to small groups or to encourage everyone to mingle.

Patio Cover

A patio cover is the most like a structure of the three options. Patio covers can stand alone or be attached to an already existing structure. They are usually meant to cover a patio area where guests plan on sitting in order to keep them shaded from the elements. A patio cover provides the most shade because of the real roof and lets your guests relax while still taking part in all the fun. The real roof also lets you enjoy your outdoor space in more types of weather. Enjoy a rainstorm under the cover of a patio cover and you’ll be all set.

Picking the right shade coverage for your backyard can be tricky. Let Living Exteriors help you out with the decision. Our design team can help you pick out the option that will work best both for your space and for your budget. We are committed to helping you get the look you want with the quality you desire. Give us a call today to get started on your free estimate.

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