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Designing An Outdoor Kitchen

This summer, consider adding an outdoor kitchen to your entertaining space. Outdoor kitchens give you so much flexibility when it comes to entertaining that you won’t even know what hit you. You can cook an entire meal while still staying completely connected with your guests. No more running around to find ingredients or scrounge up drinks. Let your new backyard kitchen keep you in the game.


First off, consider how much storage you will want with your outdoor kitchen. What kinds of meals are you going to be cooking? What types of ingredients will you be keeping in your outdoor kitchen all the time? Be sure that your storage options have the proper closures in place so that no animals get into your supplies, and that the covers stay on tight so that you don’t attract any unwanted visitors. Properly closed cabinets should keep out the critters who might be looking for a free meal.


Consider if you will want to have a refrigerator built in to your outdoor kitchen. Drinks go hand in hand with outdoor entertaining, so you can always have a cold one ready to go for your guests. You can have just a small fridge with a few drinks, or the full size deal read to go for all the action. Your design team will be able to guide you along with the best options for your entertaining plans.


Where will your guests sit when they dine at your outdoor kitchen? You could consider building an outdoor island right into your kitchen, leaving room for seating right at the island. Some pull up bar stools will increase your seating options, giving you more room for more guests. You can converse with your friends and family right in your kitchen, and they can even pitch in with the food preparations on your island. Of you can choose to build a seating option nearby like a picnic table, or some comfy chairs to sit in and eat. The possibilities are endless!

These are just a few of the options you can choose from when planning out your outdoor kitchen. You can custom design everything from the stovetop to the seating options. An outdoor kitchen will keep your guests happy, while also keeping any wet feet out of your house. No more running back and forth to get drinks and food for everyone. Just kick back and relax in your backyard paradise. Give us a call today so we can get you started on your outdoor kitchen as soon as possible!

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