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Custom Swimming Pools

Custom Swimming Pools

In some ways, with average winter temperatures in the mid-50’s, summer never really leaves Houston at all. But when we’re talking about 100 degree, so-humid-you-can’t-breed, dog days of summer, it always hits Houston just a little bit sooner and leaves just a little bit later than anywhere else in the country.

What better way to spend these lazy summer days than by your very own cool, refreshing pool of water with a glass of iced tea. Yes, you could just go to the public pool, but why deal with the Houston traffic, the massive crowds, and the frustrating process of corralling your kids into the car?

Living Exteriors can build custom swimming pools with waters as blue as the Aegean, and outdoor living spaces right in your backyard. Our custom swimming pools meet your lifestyle, aesthetic, and budget needs. Call Living Exteriors today to get started on designing your backyard summer refuge.

About Living Exteriors

Living Exteriors is a custom swimming pool, outdoor living space, and landscaping builder serving local clients in Houston and South Texas. We pride ourselves on providing first-class designs, workmanship, and customer service. Our business philosophy revolves around three central values:

• Service – We go above and beyond the service standards of our industry. We are committed to strong, timely client communication, keeping you in the loop throughout the designing and building process. Nobody likes surprises, and we try very hard to make sure you encounter as few as possible.
• Integrity – We show up when we say we’ll show up, and we do what we say we’re going to do. Our estimates are always correct, and we don’t make changes without communicating the costs or savings with you beforehand, and without your written approval.
• Value – We have many years of experience in building custom swimming pools, outdoor living spaces, and landscaping. Our experience allows us to be efficient, keep our overhead low, and optimize the resources that are available to us. What this means to you, the customer, is that you’ll be getting more for your money with us than you can from anywhere else.

What To Expect When You Hire Living Exteriors

1. Our process starts with a free site visit. We look at the proposed site, discuss your ideas and needs, and we listen and give honest feedback.
2. We provide the ideas and needs we discussed at the site visit to our professional design team, and they draw the plans to scale to ensure that you know exactly how the finished product will look.
3. We present our designs to you, at which point you are encouraged to ask questions and suggest changes.
4. We provide a proposal with a firm price based on the final plan. Our proposals break out the pricing for each element of the plan, so you know exactly what you are paying for.
5. Before starting the build, we take the time to make any final revisions to the plan and proposal you may want. It’s your yard, and we want to make sure you are completely happy with the final plans.
6. Once the plans are finalized, we schedule you project.
7. Once the building process begins, our project managers proactively keep you in the loop on the progress of the project. Though the installation can get messy, rest assured that we will leave behind a beautiful landscape.
8. Our commitment doesn’t end after the installation is complete. We take pride in our work and we honor our warranty.

Truly Custom Swimming Pools

When we say that we’re custom builders, we meant it. Anything you can imagine, we can build. Whether you want geometric shapes or natural, free-form pools, we can build it. We also offer an incredible selection of tile and coping materials to transform the look of your pool into something uniquely you.

Our decking choices also range between classic, economical materials, to the latest and most luxurious surfaces. Finally, to truly make your pool unique, we offer landscaping services, turning an ordinary pool into a true backyard oasis.

So take the plunge. Make your backyard the center of summer entertainment. Call Living Exteriors today to get the process started, and rest assured that you are calling a company dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional service, integrity, and value.

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